Chaozhong Cai (蔡朝众)

After the passing of Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣), Chaozhong Cai (the seventh son of Xianjia Cai (蔡先甲) and nephew of Xiangrong Cai) assisted us in fulfilling Xiangrong Cai’s last wish of being buried in his ancestral home at Caijia Mountain in Langzhong County, Sichuan Province. We express our heartfelt gratitude!

Chaozhong Cai with Xiangrong Cai

Hurunde Care Center

Xin Zhao (赵欣) spent her last days at the Hurunde Care Center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. We deeply appreciate the attentive care given to Xin Zhao by the staff at Hurunde.

Xin Zhao with Xiaohui Ren, Xiaomei Li, Cuirong Zhong (Staff of Hurunde Care Center in Chengdu)