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1st Generation – Changnian Cai (蔡长年)

2nd Generation – Hao Cai (蔡浩), Mi Cai (蔡泌)

3rd Generation – Guozheng Cai (蔡国正)

4th Generation – Chang Cai (蔡常)

5th Generation – Wencai Cai (蔡文采)

6th Generation – Tinglu Cai (蔡廷禄)

7th Generation – Yuhe Cai (蔡玉和)

Yuhe Cai (蔡玉和)

8th Generation

Xianjia Cai/ Zhendong Cai (蔡先甲/蔡震东)

Xiangen Cai/ Zhenyu Cai/ Xiangrong Cai (蔡先艮/蔡震宇/蔡向荣)

Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣)

9th Generation

Here the list of children of Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣) and Xin Zhao (赵欣)

9th Generation of Cai Family (蔡氏九代)

Huaijiang Cai (蔡怀江)

Huaijiang Cai (蔡怀江)

Eldest son, born on June 15, 1953 (Dragon Boat Festival) in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. His name “Huaijiang” was inspired by “remembering Qu Yuan’s death by drowning”. He and his wife Xuanping Huang (黄轩萍) have a son, Xingshi Cai (蔡醒诗).

Youxin Cai (蔡幼欣)

Youxin Cai (蔡幼欣)

Eldest daughter. The name “Youxin” was given by her grandfather Yuhe Cai (蔡玉和). She has a daughter, Zi Yin Zhang (张子音).

Yaning Cai (蔡亚宁)

Yaning Cai (蔡亚宁)

Second daughter. She has a son, Zheng Liu (刘桢).

“All of you had your names given by mom and dad, only my name was given by mom’s friend, Doctor Fan. It’s clear that… even though not being treated well, I’m truly grateful for my parents’ upbringing, letting me eat well, keeping warm, and grow up healthy and robust.” – Yaning Cai (蔡亚宁)

Youxu Cai (蔡幼旭)

Huaijiang Cai (蔡怀江), Youxu Cai (蔡幼旭), Youxin Cai (蔡幼欣)

Third daughter. She and her husband William Jed have two sons, Andrew and Steven.

Huaizheng Cai (蔡怀征)

Xingshi Cai (蔡醒诗) with Huaizheng Cai (蔡怀征) (1980, Tianshui City, Gansu Province)

Second son. His name “Huaizheng” comes from the fact that when he was born, Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣) was working at the “Essay Editing Department” of the People’s Liberation Army History of War of Resistance Against Japan. He and his wife Fen Gan (甘芬) have a daughter, Keru Cai (蔡可茹), and a son, Erwen Cai (蔡尔文).

Youlan Cai (蔡幼兰)

Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣) with Youlan Cai (蔡幼兰) (1984, Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province)

Fourth daughter. Born on June 20, 1963, in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, hence the name “Youlan”. She and her husband Jianhai Qi (祁建海) have a son, Dian Qi (祁典), and a daughter, Yangchun Qi (祁阳春).

“During my childhood in Lanzhou, I was very happy, I told people ‘I am a small orchid’.” – Youlan Cai (蔡幼兰)

10th Generation

Here is the list of the grandchildren of Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣) and Xin Zhao (赵欣)

Xingshi Cai (蔡醒诗)

Xingshi Cai (蔡醒诗) (June 10, 2022, A'lang Mountain, Sichuan Province)

Xingshi Cai, also known as Xiaoge Cai (蔡晓歌), is the eldest grandson of Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣) and the son of Huaijiang Cai (蔡怀江). He was born on September 18, 1980, in Tianshui City, Gansu Province. In his early years, he worked in IT. In 2010, he went abroad for further studies. In 2021, he returned to China and is currently engaged in mathematics research and education work at Duke Kunshan University in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province.

Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣) chose the two names “Xingshi” and “Xiaoge” to encourage him to inherit the cultural tradition of the Cai family, and wrote a poem in commemoration.

Poem by Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣)

Keru Cai (蔡可茹)

Daughter of Huaizheng Cai (蔡怀征).

Zheng Liu (刘桢)

Zheng Liu (刘桢) with Xin Zhao (赵欣)

Son of Yaning Cai (蔡亚宁).

Zi Yin Zhang (张子音)

Daughter of Youxin Cai (蔡幼欣).

“Since she was born in the year of Jiazi (1984), and her first cry sounded like music, we named her ‘Zi Yin’. And indeed, she sings really well. 😁” – Youxin Cai (蔡幼欣)

Dian Qi (祁典)

Son of Youlan Cai (蔡幼兰).

Andrew Jed

Son of Youxu Cai (蔡幼旭).

Steven Jed

Son of Youxu Cai (蔡幼旭).

Erwen Cai (蔡尔文)

Son of Huaizheng Cai (蔡怀征).

Kathy/Yangchun Qi (祁阳春)

Daughter of Youlan Cai (蔡幼兰). English name is Kathy. “Yangchun Qi” is the Chinese name given by Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣).


The above family tree was completed with new family members supplemented based on the versions organized by Xiangrong Cai (蔡向荣) and Liren Cai (蔡立人), the eldest son of Zhendong Cai (蔡震东).

Cai Family Tree (Organized by Liren Cai)
Cai Family Tree (Organized by Xiangrong Cai)